If you’ve made the decision to DJ your own wedding, here are some tips when choosing songs to create your playlist. If you haven’t already, check out our How to DJ Your Own Wedding guide for information about equipment needed, some of the packages we hire out and some tips to make your Wedding DJ experience run smoothly.

Playlist breakdown

You should make a playlist for each segment of the event containing the right styles for background music during ceremonies, meals, speeches, dance floor mix, wind up etc.

Different Segments of the Wedding you may need to select songs for:


Walking down the aisle is usually when you bust out that defining song of your relationship, this is the one that is supposed to mean something to you as a couple and has everyone in tears by the time the bride reaches the groom. Usually it is a famous love song but in the end it is your wedding and it should mean something special, keep in mind the bride has to do her slow walk to it!

Signing the Wedding Certificate

Depending on when and how this takes place but at the end of the ceremony after your big kiss and applause, there is the business end of the arrangement where you sit down and sign the marriage certificate. At this point your guests will be standing around commenting on how amazing everything was and you may want to flick on some relaxing background tunes just to fill the gap.


Your big exit! You’re now blissfully married and walking down the aisle hand in hand, what magically music do you want to hear when people are throwing confetti at you? Usually something happy and upbeat, after all you should be walking down the aisle with a spring in your step!

Cocktail Hour

There’s that period of time after the ceremony and before the food arrives where everyone is milling around, most likely with a drink in hand. You could have some relaxing tunes in the background or something a bit more upbeat to work everyone into party mode, whatever sort of atmosphere you are trying to create why not pick out a mixture of some of your favourites.

Dinner Music

When it’s time to sit down for a meal there will most likely be a lot of chatter going on so having some low key music playing in the background is your best bet.

First Dance

This is another one of your pinnacle song selections, like the recessional selection, it should mean something to the both of you and perhaps say something about how you feel about each other that personally defines you as a couple. It also may dictate how you dance with one and other!

Dancing with Mum/Dad

The music of your first dance may fade into the rest of your dance music, but sometimes you will want to pick a particular song for a dance with Mum and/or Dad. Talk to your families and make sure they are all onboard with your decision so that everyone is happy to get up on the dance floor. Most people go with an easy going slow song for this moment.

Reception – Party Tunes!

It’s time to bust out your dance moves! While you will probably still want to keep your song selection to favourites of you and your other half, now is also time to remember that you will need some crowd pleasers in the mix to keep people on the dance floor and keep the party rolling. It may be hard to keep everyone pleased all the time as granny and your younger cousin probably have very different tastes in music but there are multiple songs that are timeless and most people find them easy to dance to, so keep this in mind as you alternate between different eras and dance beats. As you compile your songs also try to ensure your playlist flows well from one song to another.

Last Song of the Night

Perhaps you will reach a point where you will just hit repeat on your song list if you’ve decided to keep the party going but if you need to start winding down and kicking people out you may want to consider choosing some songs at the end of your playlist to help people realise they need to take it down a notch. Therefore by extension you may want the last song of the night before the bride and groom leave the venue to be a bit more low key and momentous.

A few other moments in your wedding you may want to consider:

  • Prelude Music – Do you want some nice background music playing when your guests are still arriving at the ceremony and before the bride takes her walk down the aisle?
  • Bouquet and Garter – When the bride throws the bouquet and when the groom pulls the garter down the bride’s leg sometime during the reception you may want to throw in some cheeky songs!

Now that you know how to organise your playlists please check out our av hire packages and find out how to get started on your wedding DJ experience.